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Lauren is one of the most respected voice Over coaches in the business.

With 30 Years in the Voice Over business at many talent and casting agencies including Sutton, Barth and Vennari (SBV Talent), Arlene Thornton and Associates, Special Artists, Independent Artists (IAA) and the The Voicecaster; she has extensive inside knowledge of what goes on at the agency level, casting, recording and producing, how to see where your talents lay and how to nurture and improve on them.  Lauren has directed thousands of auditions, taught hundreds of classes and recorded, produced and directed hundreds of demos.  As an actor and performer she is well aware of the creative process and uses that experience to help her students turn on their creative light.


"I'll take you through a comprehensive series of classes and give you all the skills you need to reach your dream of being a voice actor, teach you how to get the job and produce your demo to get started.


My classes are fun and informative. I like to keep them no larger than 6 to 8 students so everyone gets enough attention and microphone time.


Having experience in casting and directing as well as being a music producer enhances my abilities and style when producing Demo's for actors, with a great success rate for acquiring an agent. There is a certain mix and an ear to the ground that keep my demos on the cutting edge. You have to know what the latest trends are in advertising and have the best sound gear, music libraries and editing facilities to be competitive in this business. Then we can have some fun! I will train you, nurture your talent and teach you how to get the job. Then, I'll produce your demo so you can have the opportunity to get that job!


As owner of this company it is my responsibility to make sure students get what they need. I want to be of service to actors new and experienced in helping them learn the craft of voice over acting. My studio is a professional setting with all the comforts of home which makes students feel comfortable as they take advantage of using state of the art equipment and getting the experience they need. There will be no surprises when they book their first session…they will know exactly what to do."

Lauren Adams

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"Lauren is so personable and really is clear about the work.  She just knows her stuff.  She's been in the business for a long time, so she was able to take me from being completely green to actually knowing exactly how to do great voice over work. She helps you learn your own strengths, and be free with the mic while still executing the job effectively.  She's just a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person" Brian Jordan Alvarez - Actor - Will and Grace

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Lauren Adams VO Coach

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