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From the curious person wondering how to break in, to the on-camera actor looking to branch out, all working Voice Over artists started somewhere. Whether working in commercials, narration, animation or video games, each one took a first step and then the next step: Some research, a consultation, a class, stepping in front of the microphone for the first time, learning to audition and more. How to break into Voice OverFor more than 25 years, Lauren Adams has introduced countless aspiring Voice Over artists to the art and business of Voice Over with workshops, private coaching, expert demos and mentoring.​​​​LAVO services are designed to not only help you find or develop your voice, but to help you arrive at the level of working professional. Our services provide information and answers on topics including: The Voice, Script Analysis, Microphones, Demos, Marketing and Auditioning  ​​ Get one step closer to working in voiceover
Los Angeles Voice Acting Workshops, Coaching and Demo Recording

Los Angeles Voice Acting
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"Lauren is so personable and really is clear about the work.  She just knows her stuff.  She's been in the business for a long time, so she was able to take me from being completely green to actually knowing exactly how to do great voice over work. She helps you learn your own strengths, and be free with the mic while still executing the job effectively.  She's just a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person" Brian Jordan Alvarez - Actor - Will and Grace

LA Voiceover Productions
Lauren Adams VO Coach

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