" Not only is she knowledgable with years and years of experience to back up her expertise in both the artistic and business side of being a voice actor, but she is patient, insightful, and gives you the room and encouragement to play and explore. Plus she brings in amazing guest speakers throughout the class. For any of you who are considering pursuing voice acting, it is definitely a different animal from on-screen acting and I highly encourage you to learn the ropes through training with Lauren. What a wonderful experience.." Actor/Musician - Katie Anne Mitchell

"Lauren helped me make my first voice over demo. She did an awesome job finding scripts, asking actors to partner read with me. I'm still proud of the finished product after all these years!"  

Maree Cheatham (General Hospital, Beetlejuice, Sam & Cat, Baskets)


How to break into Voice Over


For more than 25 years, Lauren Adams has introduced countless aspiring Voice Over artists to the art and business of Voice Over with workshops, private coaching, expert demos and mentoring.


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Character Creation with Neil Kaplan - Voice of Zarkon on Netflix’ Voltron, Madara Uchiha on Naruto,  Tycshus Findley on Blizzard’s Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm


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From the curious person wondering how to break in, to the on-camera actor looking to branch out, all working Voice Over artists started somewhere.

Whether working in commercials, narration, animation or video games, each one took a first step and then the next step: Some research, a consultation, a class, stepping in front of the microphone for the first time, learning to audition and more.

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​​"Her classes are a must for anyone trying to break into voice over, as well as the seasoned veteran" 

Jason Charles Miller (Batman:The Dark Knight Returns, Avatar: The Last Airbender, World of Warcraft, Street Fighter vs. Tekken, Diablo III)


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